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Our Teaching Philosophy


Intentional Play

At Playwise Preschool Academy, we celebrate the joy of learning and growing through play.  Days consist of a well-rounded mix of free and guided play in individual, small and large group settings.  Play centers are intentionally designed to allow for strong learning connections.  Children have easy access to materials and are given the opportunity to make choices and take initiative.  We rotate our play materials regularly to help maintain a stimulating learning environment.  Our teachers act as “play facilitators” to help make the most of every teachable moment. 

Individualized Learning

We believe that each child is unique and has his or her own interests, skills and pace of development.  Our qualified teachers connect with students to identify the most effective ways that each child learns.  We then tailor our teaching approach to meet each learner's needs, which helps instill a lifelong love for learning.  Our individualized learning environment provides our students with opportunities for extra guidance, gentle reassurance and additional rigor when needed.  Individualized learning in the early childhood setting instills the confidence that young children need to face future academic challenges.


Kindergarten Readiness

Our play-based learning model coincides with a rigorous academic program that prepares our students for kindergarten.  We have identified developmentally-appropriate targeted skills and learning goals, which are addressed daily through carefully planned lessons and activities.  We ensure that our students are confidently prepared to meet kindergarten expectations in the following areas:  

  • Social-emotional skills

  • Emergent literacy

  • Scientific knowledge

  • Mathematics and reasoning

  • Language and communication

  • Gross and fine-motor development

  • Creative expression

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