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Our Classes


Preschool (3-4 year olds)

Our youngest students are learning how the world works around them and are eager to explore.  They are beginning to form friendships and understand how to share and work together.  They are developing language and discovering how to express feelings using words.  At this age, we focus on cultivating independence by offering opportunities to make choices throughout the school day.  We offer a diverse assortment of materials and activities because we know children learn best by exploring through hands-on play.  Our units are theme-based and focus on developing social-emotional skills, building confidence and individuality.

Pre-K (4-5 year olds)

Our Pre-K program builds on the foundation of our Preschool program and adds in the skills necessary to prepare our students for kindergarten.  At the Pre-K level, phonics and math skills are developed through hands-on learning.  Children realize and express their ideas and feelings through process art and emergent writing.  Our Pre-K program promotes creativity, academic competence, positive self-esteem, physical coordination, social awareness and independence.  By graduation, our students are well-prepared for the fast-paced kindergarten curriculum because we provide them with the skills and confidence to succeed!


Transitional Kindergarten
(5-6 year olds)

Our Transitional Kindergarten students have either graduated from a Pre-K class or have missed the August 31st cutoff for kindergarten.  TK students benefit from an additional year of instruction and growth before entering elementary school.  Our TK classroom is set up like a kindergarten classroom, but with just 10-12 students and 2 teachers for 4 hours a day.  Our TK class moves through curriculum at a developmentally-appropriate pace, which allows our students to build up their academic stamina and positive work ethic.  The TK program naturally builds students' social and communication skills.  Our TK students leave Playwise as self-confident, motivated leaders in the classroom, and they will carry this self-assured, secure feeling with them throughout their academic career.

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